At the summit

When we first programmed this activity last year, we never imagined that 70 people would join us! This year we hope to break the record on our second expedition to Ziria’s highest peak at 2375m, the absolute hiking experience.

“Conquering” the mountain is a unique achievement, especially for those who haven’t undertaken similar challenges.

Saturday 31/08, departure at 7:30 from the chalet.

Ziria peaks at an elevation of 2375m and is the second tallest mountain in the Peloponnese.

The ascent isn’t notably difficult and can be accomplished by anyone in good physical condition.

The route to the summit of Megali Ziria (2375m)

The Program

Departure at 7:30 from the chalet.

2km drive to the footpath in personal car or Festival truck. We park vehicles there and enter the footpath. 2.5 hours ascent at a comfortable but steady pace. 30 minutes rest at the peak. Return. 5 hours total.

The route traverses an alpine area so hats, and at least 1.5 liters of water, are necessary. Footwear should be appropriate for hiking. Whoever has trekking poles can bring them. Others may supply themselves with nature’s gifts. Those without can lean on their legs:)

The climb isn’t dangerous but it’s steep.. and what goes up must come down. There are no narrow passages or acrophobic points.

Participants come at their own risk and are presumably physically fit at a basic level. It’s best they haven’t consumed all the liquor at the bar the previous night and they’ve gone to bed before the local shepherd led his flock out to graze.
If someone can’t keep up with the group, they are free to stop and wait for the others to return before descending.