In the forest!

A hike through the amazing forest of Flampouritsa Gorge, led by Kyllinios Adonis, a local environmental society dedicated to its preservation.

Friday, 30/08, departure at 9:00 from the chalet.

What a better way to discover the divine land that is our host, its beauty but also its needs? The Kyllinios Adonis Society guides us on a wonderful forest trek, in the ravine of Flampouritsa.

Falmpouritsa Gorge is at the heart of Ziria’s Natura site and fosters a huge variety of flora and fauna. Over 400 plant species have been identified, many of them unique to the area!

Hikers will traverse a low-difficulty level, marked, footpath.

The Program:

Friday 30/08, departure from the chalet.

Descent towards Flampouritsa Gorge

A 30 minute trek within the gorge. 20 minutes rest. Return to the festival grounds.

A total of three hours at an easy pace. No special equipment is necessary. You can bring along trekking poles if you have them, or use a rod of wood you find along the way.

The route is shaded, safe and appropriate for children, 10 years or older, accompanied by a chaperone.

Participants should nonetheless wear suitable footwear and be in good physical condition. Water is a must!